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David R. Hamman Married to my wife of 23 years, Randi, and father of 3 daughters. Resident of Kauai for over 17 years. Resident of Hawaii for over 20 years. President of Integrity Construction Services Inc. Licensed general building contractor in the state of Hawaii. Owner of Integrity Key Lock & Safe and Integrity Alarm […]


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I recognize the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob as the Sovereign Creator who has designed institutions of human volition, marriage, family, and civil government, and who has established laws and principles for life, that when adhered to, provide mankind with Divine blessing and providence. All of these Divine Institutions are a form of government. When each of these forms of government are functioning well, the government of a community, a state, and a nation will be strong and will serve its citizens well.

Human Volition is the initial Divine institution in which God allows each individual to make conscious free will choices relating to personal decisions and actions and to be accountable for the consequences of those choices. This institution is in essence Self Government, the personal responsibility of every human being to govern himself or herself in line with established standards that will provide for each individual to be a benefit to the community. A stable, productive community, state, and nation are based upon individual people who govern themselves well in accordance to long held principles and standards.

Marriage is a Divine Institution whereby a man and a woman make a free will decision to commit to one another in a life long relationship of faithfulness to one another. Under Divine design a man decides to enter into union with a woman, to be her husband, to love her, to be concerned for her best interests, to provide for, protect, and nurture her. Under Divine design a woman decides to enter into union with a man, to be his wife, to assist him, to respect him, and to submit to his authority in the relationship for the benefit of both so long as his authority does not directly conflict with God’s authority. The self-governed husband and the self-governed wife function together in a form of Marital Government that benefits their union together, their family, their community, state and nation.

Family is a Divine Institution, in which a man and a woman committed to one another in marriage raise and train their children to respect and reverence God their Creator, His institutions, laws, and life principles and to provide per Divine guidance for their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs throughout the development process. Under Divine authority structure the husband/father maintains responsible authority in the marriage relationship as well as in the raising/training and providing for his children. The wife/mother shares in this responsibility of raising/training and providing for the children and maintains direct authority over the children under her husband’s authority. The children are to respect and honor the authority of their mother and father so long as their parents’ authority does not conflict with God’s authority. It is the God delegated responsibility of the parents to teach their children to live well under a Family Government structure by learning the importance of proper Self Government.

Civil Government is a Divine Institution. God has designed mankind for community. God has designed human beings to be free. For people to live in community they must place proper and reasonable restrictions on their freedom. The Divine Institution of Civil Government is designed to praise its citizens who are self-governed and thus be a benefit to their community.  Civil Government is also designed to censure to the extent necessary people who would damage community. Civil Government, under Divine design, is an authority established not to usurp the authority of individuals, marriages, or families, the other Divine Institutions. Rather, it is to protect the sovereign rights of individuals, married men and women, and families desiring to live in a safe, peaceful, prosperous coexistence interacting within community. Civil Government is to protect the people from within and from without and, by Divine design, is a framework of rule established to provide for the balance of safe, peaceful, prosperous coexistence of individuals and families within community.

From strong Self Government comes strong Marital Government, strong Family Government and ultimately strong Civil Government, and the blessing of a nation and its people.

Civil Unions

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“Civil Unions”

The term “civil union” is basically an attempt to  propose the idea or concept of the creation of an entity that encompasses rights, benefits, and  judicial purview that is associated with and embodied in the legal understanding and description of the entity defined as a “marriage”. Therefore the term “civil union” is a term describing a marriage.

The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob established the Divine institution of marriage between a man and a woman. The Divine institution of marriage between a man and a woman was established by God as a foundational premise to enhance His design of the Divine institution of family, church, and government.

Since “civil unions” or “same sex marriages” are in direct conflict with God’s design for marriage and the family, I am directly against any legislation that would encourage such


Civil Issues “Clouding” the discussion

Issues relating to insurance beneficiaries, hospital visitation rights, and death bed visitation rights  need to be separated from the discussion as they are often used to “cloud” the issue of “civil unions”.  Any individual of legal age, regardless of whether he or she is involved in homosexual behavior or not, ought to have the to right to choose insurance beneficiaries, hospital visitors, death bed visitors, etc. of their choice regardless of next of kin blood relationship status. These are basic civil rights that are addressed in existing laws.

Homosexual Behavior

God has clearly expressed that  homosexual behavior is in direct conflict with His design.

Therefore, I stand directly against any legislation, government program, or entitelment that supports such. I will honor God and not allow the judgement of Almighty God to be brought down upon our state for directly ignoring His Divine statutes.

I care about the best interests of those who are involved in homosexual behavior. I have friends who I am aware are involved in such behavior. I hope and pray that they will see the conflict they have with God, the destruction that they are bringing upon themselves and society and that they will change their behavior so as to not reap Divine judgement upon themselves and others and to begin to reap Divine benefits and blessings upon themselves and others for obeying God’s Divine statutes.

Crime and Punishment

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Capital Punishment

 I believe that capital punishment laws, in cases where the jury is convinced there is overwhelming evidence to support the conviction, need to be enacted to protect and provide equitable justice for the citizens of Hawaii.

 Self Defense against unlawful intruders

I believe that ridiculous inhumane laws that put the obligation on the victims to escape their intruders and attackers need to be abolished and replaced with laws that allow individuals to protect themselves, their families, and their neighbors as well as their property from perpetrators. Such a sovereign right and responsibility is endowed by our Creator and any law inhibiting or penalizing self protection is a moral injustice.


Felonies committed by drug or alcohol influenced individuals

I believe that laws and judicial practices that allow criminals who have been determined to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol while committing felony level crimes a favored status to receive a more lenient sentence or a reprieve of their sentence for participating in a rehabilitation type training program need to be abolished. On the contrary, individuals who have chosen to commit crimes under the influence of drugs or alcohol should be held fully responsible for the consequences of their actions – consciously choosing to participate in irresponsible behavior which increased the potential for endangering others and deciding to commit a felony level crime. Individuals need to be held accountable for their actions regardless. Initial foolish irresponsible choices are not an excuse or consolation for injuries caused by further serious choices to commit felony level crimes.

I believe in enacting laws that require stricter standards of judicial protocol and minimum mandatory prison sentences for those who have been determined to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol while committing felony level crimes.


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I think it is high time that we “own up” to the fact that the present centralized Department of Education system in Hawaii is a major failure. It is time for us to recognize that the amount of money spent averaged out per student educated is almost equal to that of well known successful private schools such as the like of Punahou. Yet the results we our receiving versus the dollars spent are some of the lowest in the nation, rendering the Hawaii centralized school system a major failure / a disaster.

Bureaucratic rules and regulations being dictated from a centralized governing department in Honolulu do not make good business sense. A centralized system does not encourage, enhance, or foster a sensitive local accountability to individual school districts or environments. It does not allow those who are closest in contact, and who have the greatest responsibility and risk at stake – the parents and teachers to make the choices most relevant to their children.

Why is the state attempting to “muscle” out parents and teachers? There is something eerily strange about why the state would want to restrict the parents and teachers from making the choices best for their children. The state’s huge ineffectively managed budget has become a massive “black hole” for misused tax dollars. The money and resources allotted are not being effectively used for educating our children to the best degree possible.

The present centralized DOE is excessively top heavy, unaccountable for the enormous amount of resources it spends. Especially during this time of serious economic crisis it should be obvious that this unaccountable “monster” needs to be trimmed. We have just been intensely impacted by the disgusting self interest of this “monster” that chose to hurt the most vulnerable of our education system – the teachers and the children. Unaccountable DOE heads along with self serving union bosses chose not to make necessary cuts amongst vast multimillion dollar portions of the budget where there is obvious waste and “gravy” money for them and their cronies, but to furlough our teachers who make up a slight fraction of the DOE budget. With a locally run school system, not dictated by a centralized system, this would not have happened.

Here are some questions to ponder:

Are you willing to accept the poor results and performance record rendered by the direction of the centralized DOE and the entire burden it has put upon our community? Do you want your children and the children of Hawaii to continue to fail? Do you want your children and the children of Hawaii to continue to be sucked into the crystal meth epidemic? Or do you want our children to succeed by having local parent teacher organizations who care about the best interests of our children to decide the future of our children?

It is time to vote for legislation that de-centralizes the Hawaii State DOE. It is time to support locally run school systems that allow those who have the best interests of the children at stake to make the choices that encourage our children to be productive and succeed.

Energy and Environment

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Alternative Energy and the Environment

I believe that we are instructed by our Creator to be good stewards of the environment under the pretense that human life holds a higher priority than any other form of life on the planet. We need to pursue protection of wild life and environment and pursue alternative forms of energy within a unique balance of pragmatic realities.

Wind Energy Generation

I believe that we should promote alternative forms of energy production  including “reasonable” forms of wind turbine generation of electricity. I think that we need to establish “reasonable” regulations in regards to aesthetics, safety of humans and wild life and upon such premises allow and encourage those who comply with such regulations to move forward in producing such energy without being entangled in all sorts of contradicting hypothetical concerns and fears. 

“Reasonable” regulations need to be established based upon actual evidence and weighed out against actual impacts. We need to abolish unbalanced extremist “take down” penalties that are presently being used in an “extortionary” fashion against businesses that are attempting to be conscientious and comply with “reasonable” regulations.

Lights and Endangered Birds

Reasonable” regulations need to be established based upon actual evidence and weighed out upon actual impacts. We need to abolish unbalanced extremist “take down” penalties that are presently being used in an “extortionary” fashion against businesses that are attempting to be conscientious and comply with “reasonable” regulations.

No individual, business owner, business, or county should be deemed in a criminal light for having  attempted to act in a conscientious manner and comply with “reasonable” regulations. Nor should they be “extorted” for excessive fees and costly permits that are based upon hypothetical possibilities.


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  • Immediately stop unnecessary, excessive, and wasteful spending.
    • I believe we need to eliminate needless expenses for programs, projects, and activities that are not the primary role or responsibility of government, that do not have clearly established or ascertainable goals, that are not accountable to performance based and cost effective oversight, and that exceed the reasonable readily available revenues of the State.
    • Just as individuals and families need to learn to be fiscally responsible – living on and consuming only what they can afford, so must government be fiscally responsible.
    • Uncontrolled spending creates a cycle of negative impacts.
      • Those in favor of big government will say that we need to create more government projects, programs, and activities to create and provide for more jobs. This is a fallacy. Greater government projects, programs, and activities actually create a number of negative impacts including a decrease in stable long term jobs and a decrease in future hope for economic prosperity.
      • Out of control government spending causes immediate stress on the citizens who have to bare the burden of paying the balance of budgetary shortfalls often through increased fees and taxes imposed by irresponsible legislators who have not thoroughly assessed government activity, prudently trimmed expenditures, and planned ahead for fiscal responsibility and prosperity.
      • Uncontrolled government spending to maintain or to increase government projects, programs, or activities under the notion that more jobs will be maintained or produced is a mirage. Even though to some it may initially appear to be a “cure all” solution to create more jobs, the reality is short lived. When increased government spending occurs for projects, programs, and activities for which the government does not readily have the need or resources, legislators who approved such irresponsible entitlement spending impose new and increased fees and taxes to pay for these programs. This decreases the advantages, incentives, interest, and desire on the part of individuals, partnerships, corporations, and other entities to start or expand businesses in the state that would have dramatically increased long lasting job opportunities that are greatly needed. In addition, existing businesses in the state are thus encouraged to reduce operations or to cease altogether and go somewhere else where business is more profitable without government inhibitors and intrusion. Anyone who plans to be successful in business expects to make a profit. That is the reward for the investment of energy and resources. If potential for profit margins decrease beyond a reasonable level of reward due to increased governmental fees, taxes, and entanglement, investors are not encouraged to venture into new endeavors that could produce long term stable jobs.

Gun Rights

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I believe that the constitutional rights of citizens to own and bear arms needs to be protected.

I believe that government needs to encourage gun owners to be trained in the proficient skilled use of firearms so that they are better equipped to protect themselves, their families, and their neighbors if the need arises.

I believe that liability laws that hold gun owners whose guns are stolen without their knowledge responsible for crimes committed with their stolen guns need to be abolished and replaced with laws that require gun owners to secure their firearms in a reasonable fashion without being inequitably indicted for acts out of their control.


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Recognition of the Injustice of the Overthrow of the Hawaiian Monarchy

I believe that it is important to recognize what appears to have clearly been the unjust overthrow of the Hawaiian Monarchy of Queen Lili uokalani on January 17, 1893 through the direction of United States Government minister John L. Stevens in corraboration with and under the influence of self serving businessmen particularly engaged in the sugar industry.

Hawaiian Community

I believe that we need to encourage the enhancement of the Hawaiian community through the healthy infrastructure of  sound leadership and a constuctive community participation in the best interests of the Hawaiian community as a whole.

We need to encourage the advancement of the Hawaiian community through improved focus upon academic excellence and achievement amongst Hawaiian young people, the development of sound leadership within the community including successful respected business men and women including professions such as doctors, lawyers, engineers,etc. that can provide dignity a wise counsel.

It is possible to achieve these goals of a strong healthy thriving Hawaiian community by utilizing every possible resource and provision available to the Hawaiian community and by encouraging a productive mindset that views the development of  a well balanced, knowledgeable, prosperous community as a priority over other distractions.

No community will ever be able to successfully provide for and protect its members without having the fabric of sound leadership, a prosperous economy, and a healthy supportive social network.

Akaka Bill

The Akaka Bill puts decent hardworking Hawaiian individuals and their families in jeopardy and at risk by placing them in the middle of  power struggles between  individuals and factions who appear to be motivated by self serving interests in an attempt to battle for control of  ruling rights.

It does not provide clearly defined jurisdictional boundaries, and it does not provide for or establish a thorough legal ground work upon which average Hawaiians could confidently know that they would be guaranteed to recieve fair and equitable treatment.

I could not and would not support the current Akaka Bill as it does not support the best interests of the Hawaiian people as a whole.