The Real Battle Begins

admin | September 21st, 2010 - 11:52 pm

I thank JoAnne Georgi for the competition she provided in the Republican Primary race for the State Senate  District 7  Seat.

I thank those who prayed for me, spread the word, contributed financially, showed up at the polls and voted.

Now it is time to move ahead with an army of volunteers to get out the vote. I will need those who are willing to make telephone calls, walk door to door, wave signs, spread the word, contribute financially, etc.

I can win this election, but I will need your help. We all have to take this election seriously. We will need to exert serious energy and effort. This is a critical point in history. [My opponent has already implied that he would like to raise taxes.] We do not want to continue in the same “spend tax” syndrome, failed educational system, poor failing business environment, “do nothing” lip service environment relating to alternative energy, etc. We need some one who has the courage to step up to the plate and put forth legislation that directly addresses these issues with simple straight forward terms. We need someone who desires to cut through the misinformation, listens to all sides, understands the varying concerns, respects those who are impacted, objectively evaluates the issues, and makes concientious decicisions that are in the best interests of the citizens.

That is what I intend to do with your help.

Please join the battle. Let  me know how you can get involved.

Dave Hamman

Business and Job Growth

admin | September 5th, 2010 - 11:03 pm

With the current economic situation I see businesse struggling and individuals losing their jobs. The most recent state senator and lopsided legislature refused to live on an affordable budget like you and I. They increased and enacted a myriad of taxes including the 2000% increase in the oil barrel tax as well as inflicting numerous taxes on tourists – our number one source of income. This is economic insanity.

The way to stimulate business and job growth is to provide serious income tax breaks to to businesses that provide vital services to the community and  that train and hire local residents. Business and job growth is accomplihsed by enabling the private sector to do what it does best not by creating more government programs and agencies that are unaccountable, are of no fiscal consequence except to taxpayers, and are controlled by union bosses.

Harry Williams Declared a Legal Candidate

admin | September 5th, 2010 - 10:43 pm

Judge Randal Valenciano apropriately ruled that Harry William’s candidacy for the 14th District is viable. Steven Nishimura, head of the Kauai Democratic party filed a complaint in the Fith Circuit Court against Harry Williams claiming that William’s [candidacy based on a three day extension granted by the Office of Elections when David R. Hamman withdrew from the house race to file for the senate race] was not qualified based upon the allegation that Hamman’s candidacy was not valid due to the fact that two signatures were missing from the application for the house position – [the certification by the partisan candidate and oath of  loyalty or affirmation].

David R. Hamman held the position that he relied upon the clerk of the office of elections to guide him through the process and that the office of elections has a fiduciary duty to properly assist individuals seeking to file. He complied with what he was instructed to do, paid the fee, completed the process, and was declared a candidate.

Therefore, the complaint by Nishimura against Williams was misdirected. Williams complied with protoccol and was not involved in an act of issue. Furthermore, Hamman had to the best of his knowledge at the time, complied with protoccol. If Nishimura had a true concern in relation to qualifications he ought to have filed a complaint seeking inquiry into the actions of the office of elections. But obviously there was no sustainable credence to his misconstrued attempts to eliminate candidates from running against his party.  

This was clearly a political ploy. Nishimura shrewdly attempted to eliminate Williams through default. Williams was on a job out of state. Hamman searched feriously to find an attorney who could be retained by Williams. William’s wife after having retained an attorney to represent Williams was prepared to address the court in request of a continuance. Fortunately Judge Valenciano ruled correctly by stating that Hamman became a legitimate candididate upon the office of elections signing of acceptance of  Hamman’s application.