Civil Unions

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“Civil Unions”

The term “civil union” is basically an attempt to  propose the idea or concept of the creation of an entity that encompasses rights, benefits, and  judicial purview that is associated with and embodied in the legal understanding and description of the entity defined as a “marriage”. Therefore the term “civil union” is a term describing a marriage.

The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob established the Divine institution of marriage between a man and a woman. The Divine institution of marriage between a man and a woman was established by God as a foundational premise to enhance His design of the Divine institution of family, church, and government.

Since “civil unions” or “same sex marriages” are in direct conflict with God’s design for marriage and the family, I am directly against any legislation that would encourage such


Civil Issues “Clouding” the discussion

Issues relating to insurance beneficiaries, hospital visitation rights, and death bed visitation rights  need to be separated from the discussion as they are often used to “cloud” the issue of “civil unions”.  Any individual of legal age, regardless of whether he or she is involved in homosexual behavior or not, ought to have the to right to choose insurance beneficiaries, hospital visitors, death bed visitors, etc. of their choice regardless of next of kin blood relationship status. These are basic civil rights that are addressed in existing laws.

Homosexual Behavior

God has clearly expressed that  homosexual behavior is in direct conflict with His design.

Therefore, I stand directly against any legislation, government program, or entitelment that supports such. I will honor God and not allow the judgement of Almighty God to be brought down upon our state for directly ignoring His Divine statutes.

I care about the best interests of those who are involved in homosexual behavior. I have friends who I am aware are involved in such behavior. I hope and pray that they will see the conflict they have with God, the destruction that they are bringing upon themselves and society and that they will change their behavior so as to not reap Divine judgement upon themselves and others and to begin to reap Divine benefits and blessings upon themselves and others for obeying God’s Divine statutes.

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