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I recognize the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob as the Sovereign Creator who has designed institutions of human volition, marriage, family, and civil government, and who has established laws and principles for life, that when adhered to, provide mankind with Divine blessing and providence. All of these Divine Institutions are a form of government. When each of these forms of government are functioning well, the government of a community, a state, and a nation will be strong and will serve its citizens well.

Human Volition is the initial Divine institution in which God allows each individual to make conscious free will choices relating to personal decisions and actions and to be accountable for the consequences of those choices. This institution is in essence Self Government, the personal responsibility of every human being to govern himself or herself in line with established standards that will provide for each individual to be a benefit to the community. A stable, productive community, state, and nation are based upon individual people who govern themselves well in accordance to long held principles and standards.

Marriage is a Divine Institution whereby a man and a woman make a free will decision to commit to one another in a life long relationship of faithfulness to one another. Under Divine design a man decides to enter into union with a woman, to be her husband, to love her, to be concerned for her best interests, to provide for, protect, and nurture her. Under Divine design a woman decides to enter into union with a man, to be his wife, to assist him, to respect him, and to submit to his authority in the relationship for the benefit of both so long as his authority does not directly conflict with God’s authority. The self-governed husband and the self-governed wife function together in a form of Marital Government that benefits their union together, their family, their community, state and nation.

Family is a Divine Institution, in which a man and a woman committed to one another in marriage raise and train their children to respect and reverence God their Creator, His institutions, laws, and life principles and to provide per Divine guidance for their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs throughout the development process. Under Divine authority structure the husband/father maintains responsible authority in the marriage relationship as well as in the raising/training and providing for his children. The wife/mother shares in this responsibility of raising/training and providing for the children and maintains direct authority over the children under her husband’s authority. The children are to respect and honor the authority of their mother and father so long as their parents’ authority does not conflict with God’s authority. It is the God delegated responsibility of the parents to teach their children to live well under a Family Government structure by learning the importance of proper Self Government.

Civil Government is a Divine Institution. God has designed mankind for community. God has designed human beings to be free. For people to live in community they must place proper and reasonable restrictions on their freedom. The Divine Institution of Civil Government is designed to praise its citizens who are self-governed and thus be a benefit to their community.  Civil Government is also designed to censure to the extent necessary people who would damage community. Civil Government, under Divine design, is an authority established not to usurp the authority of individuals, marriages, or families, the other Divine Institutions. Rather, it is to protect the sovereign rights of individuals, married men and women, and families desiring to live in a safe, peaceful, prosperous coexistence interacting within community. Civil Government is to protect the people from within and from without and, by Divine design, is a framework of rule established to provide for the balance of safe, peaceful, prosperous coexistence of individuals and families within community.

From strong Self Government comes strong Marital Government, strong Family Government and ultimately strong Civil Government, and the blessing of a nation and its people.

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  1. John Doe says:

    Sounds like the Taliban to be blunt.

    This is the philosophy of an authoritarian, religiously based government. Why would anyone not a conservative Xtian support having their freedoms taken away?

  2. admin says:

    On the contrary, it is the true laws and principles of the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob that have opened the door for respect and dignity of humanity. It is only God that endows mankind with true freedom and rights, and it was upon that premise that the forefathers staked their claims that we were granted such rights by our Creator. [The Taliban, on the otherhand do not acknowledge the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and that is why they suppress men, women, and children.]

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