David R. Hamman Files for State Senate District 7 – Kauai – Ni ihau

admin | July 21st, 2010 - 9:53 pm

 David R. Hamman, a resident of Kauai for over 17 years and owner of Integrity Key Lock & Safe, the business he started almost 10 years ago, filed necessary documents to officially enter the Hawaii State senate race for district 7 – Kauai – Ni ihau.

“We need to end the pattern of excessive out of control big government spending with no fiscal accountability which has been the mode of “operendi” for our recent state senator and the lopsided legislature. Citizens and businesses of this state are now being oppressed by excessive taxation and fees that burden residents and eliminate jobs. The recent 2000 per cent increase in the oil barrel tax and the increased taxes and fees on tourists, who are our greatest source of income in Hawaii, are examples of economic “insanity”. ”

“The “centralized” public school system in Hawaii is a failure. It is a big black hole for misused tax dollars. The money is not getting to the teachers and the students. Big union bosses are “ripping off” our teachers and our children. The “centralized” DOE needs to be eliminated. Local school districts should be run by local PTA organizations. Charter schools and private schools should be encouraged to succeed. The attitude towards education in Hawaii needs to change. We need to see our children excelling.”

If you wish to contact the campaign to elect David R. Hamman to state senate, you may call (808) 346-3371, e-mail dave@hammankauai.com, visit hammankauai.com, or write to hammankauai.com at PO Box 223454, Princeville, HI 96722

2 Responses to “David R. Hamman Files for State Senate District 7 – Kauai – Ni ihau”

  1. Fred says:

    Way to go David! Keep me posted. Darline and I are back from HNL till 8/9 when we go back for her surgury. Till then I’ll get a west side team ready for you. Keep us posted on you developments and God Bless.

  2. Alisa Hoots says:

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