Hamman “Outsmarts” Opponents / Allows Opportunity for Equitable Election Process

admin | July 23rd, 2010 - 10:51 pm

David R.Hamman, who has been campaigning for the District 7 Kauai – Ni ihau state senate seat previously held by Gary Hooser perceived that Hooser was poised to eliminate potential candidates from running in various house districts by waiting until furlough Friday July 16 to declare his resignation and  thus allowing July 19, the day before the filing deadline for other house seats such as District 14, to be the first opportunity for potential District 7 state senate candidates to “pull papers” and file for the state senate seat. Such a ploy on the part of Hooser would leave only from the time of the opening of the office elections on July 19 until the closing time of the office of elections on July 20, 2010 for a potential house district candidate who may have newly stirred interest or have been recruited to run  to replace the candidate who shifted to the state senate District 7 race to “pull papers” and file.

Obviously it appears logical to recognize that to be equitable some sort of time compensation would have to be allowed. The office of elections determined that the party chairman of the party affected would be contacted and would be given three days from the date of July 20, 2010 to appoint an eligible candidate to fulfill the candidate position for house representative seat contingent on the ability to file all necessary documents and fees.

Hamman waited weeks on end for Hooser to resign, so that he, Hamman, could “pull papers” and file for state senate District 7. Without a resignation on Hooser’s part, despite his pre campaigning for Lt. Governor, no potential candidate for District 7 state senate could “pull papers” and file.

As the weeks went by without a resignation by Hooser and Hooser’s poll numbers appearing to be showing him running around fourth place as far as a potential nominee for Lt. Governor for the Democratic Party, it appeared dubious that Hooser would actually resign and run for Lt. Governor. 

Over a week before the filing deadline, Hamman called Hooser’s office in Honolulu to inquire as to wether or not Hooser was actually going to resign and run for Lt. Governor. Hamman was told that Hooser was definitely going to run, and when Hamman asked when Hooser would file, expressing concern for the deadline, Hamman was told “the early part of the week.”

When Hooser did not follow through in the early part of the week, Hamman prepared himself for the potential that Hooser would not actually file at all. Hamman “pulled papers” to run for state house District 14. After having fulfilled paperwork obligations with necessary documents and being prepared to file, Hamman was unable to get to the office of elections in time on Thursday July 14, 2010, and when he arrived in plenty of time on Friday July 15, 2010, he realized the office was closed due to furlough Friday.

Sometime prior to Hamman’s arriving at the elections office on Monday July 19, 2010, Hamman learned of Hooser’s July 16th, 2010 resignation. When Hamman confirmed with the office of elections that the District 7 state senate race was now open for “pulling papers” and filing, Hamman bewildered elections office workers by telling them that he wished to complete the process of filing for the house representative race District 14, after which he intended to file a withdrawl letter, and then “pull papers” and file for the state senate District 7 seat.

Hamman was aware that if he did not complete the filing process for the house District 14 seat, there would be virtually no time left for someone else to fill the potential candidate spot in that race. So he paid the fee and completed the filing to allow an opportunity for someone to run against the otherwise unopposed Mina Morita.

Hamman drafted a withdrawl letter explaining his desire to withdraw from the house District 14  race due to his intent to file for the state senate District 7 race which had just opened up. Hamman returned within about an hour to submit the withdrawl letter and file for the state senate District 7 seat.

Obviously Mina Morita, who has run unopposed in a number of elections, was surprised when she discovered Hooser’s ploy was “foiled.” It appears from reading comments allegedly spoken and written by her in the Garden Island Newspaper that she obviously didn’t have the accurate facts or else she expected that a candidate would have to withdraw after the filing deadline leaving no opportunity for equitable process, which would leave one wondering why one would want to eliminate the possibility of all qualified viable candidates to participate in the election process, particularly in a state where voter turn out and participation is the lowest.

Fortunately, Hamman was astute enough to perceive Hooser’s ploy and savy enough to “foil” it. And now we have a candidate, Harry Williams, running in the state house District 14 race against Mina Morita.

4 Responses to “Hamman “Outsmarts” Opponents / Allows Opportunity for Equitable Election Process”

  1. Sandi Sterker says:

    Wish the Garden Island would have printed your version rather than the biased one they did.

  2. Gary says:

    It’s a shame that such games are played, but such I guess is the business of politics. Nice work. Stay vigilant.

  3. Doug Blakely says:

    This is a very old political move, it is not nearly as “smart” as you make it out to be. All I see are “arrogant” headlines, contradictory positions on issues and a nationwide conservative theme that was “cut and paste” from the NRC. Where to they find you people….

  4. admin says:

    Well, then I guess you would have to ask why Gary Hooser was not intelligent enough to avoid having played such a game in the first place.

    As for your comments regarding “contradictory positions”, I find it interesting that you have not been able to objectively enumerate on any in particular. Or is that just a “phantom” charge – another one of those “old” political ploys?

    Oh and by the way, if you ever come across some good articles from the NRC, please send them to me. I don’t recall having read any at all. I, unlike most of the liberals I know, draft my own material.

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