Ex-State Senator Says he prays to a god who puts love and justice before righteousness

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In a rather interesting e-mail, ex-state senator Gary Hooser decrys the July 6th 2010 veteo of the HB444 Bill  by Governor Linda Lingle as a a low moment and a set back for the children and future generations of Hawaii. Furthermore, Mr. Hooser goes on to elevate his status as a legislator by proclaiming that unlike Duke Aiona, he believes in “separation of church and state”, but then he continues on to state that he worships a god who puts love and justice before righteousness.

[Read Hooser’s e-mail article posted below.]

It is rather intriguing to  watch Mr. Hooser spew out and then wade through a number of incongruities in an attempt to prop  himself up above others in a sort of self proclaimed self assumed sense of self righteous conviction without the objective establishment of foundational assertions used to propagate his conclusions. 

First of all, Mr. Hooser alludes to a misnomer concept that does not appear in the constitution. What the forefathers did not want was the idea that any one sect would run the state. They did not want a church run state such as they had in England. But they most certainly believed in God, sought His guidance, wisdom, and direction in leading the country  and established the entire framework of the country upon God’s principles laid out in His text.

Mr. Hooser fails to acknowledge that this country and this state were founded upon the understanding that the God of Abraham, Isaac, & Jacob is our Creator. The Declaration of Independence sets forth the premise of their claim by stating  “endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights”. The Ten Commandments are etched upon the walls of the Supreme Court of the United States. The whole fabric of the justice system within this country was established upon the premise that the God of Abraham, Isaac, & Jacob is our sovereign Creator.

Yes, in this country just as per God’s institution of self volition, each individual has the right within his or her lifetime  to choose to worship the God of Abraham, Isaac, & Jacob or not to do so. Yet , even though such freedom exists on an individual level, that right does not trump the laws regarding civil interaction that have been established by the fore fathers based upon the premise that the God of Abraham, Isaac, & Jacob is our Sovereign Creator. Our “certain unalienable rights” are evidenced by such reality.

You cannot claim “certain unalienable rights” without God. You cannot have justice without righteous standards, and you cannot have righteous standards without God. There is no moral argument without God, because when you attempt to remove God from a discussion relating to justice and morality you no longer have an objective argument. Your argument becomes arbitrary.

Queen Liliokalani acknowledged the God of Abraham, Isaac, & Jacob as our Sovereign Creator. She authored many writings regarding such. But probably the most notable is the state motto which says “the life of the land is perpetuated through righteousness”.

Take for instance the HB444 Bill. Its authors say on one hand that homosexual behavior is acceptable yet on the other hand they state that incest is not acceptable. Now on what basis can such an arbitrary statement be made? What about the fundamentalist LDS church leaders in Texas that are having children with their children and practicing polygamy? How would the authors of HB444 argue these issues based upon their arbitrary anti-God position? They have no argument without God, because their arguments have become arbitrary. What happens when someone comes along and says that he  considers himself  to be a good decent person, but he recognizes that he and others like him have urges to rape, and he and those others believe that they should be accepted for who they are, and they believe that rape should not be a crime? And then what happens when other individuals come along and say that they believe the same thing about themselves but they have an urge to murder, and they think that they should be accepted for who they are, and they believe murder should not be a crime ? What do you have? Do you any longer have unalienable rights? No, you do not. You have chaos. When you attempt to circumvent God, you lose your unalienable rights.

God clearly establishes through out numerous passages in the text that homosexual behavior is in direct conflict with His design and is unacceptable behavior just as heterosexual adultery,  fornication, lust, stealing, etc. When we look at the example of  Jesus Christ, we do not see Him enabling incorrect behavior. In the example of the prostitute who was caught in the act and used in an attempt to set up a trap for Jesus, what do we see Jesus telling her after He had understanding with her and turned away her accusers? He told her to go and sin no more.

Jesus said that those who love Him obey His commands. Love has to do with obeying God’s commands. It is an objective thinking process of making choices that reap eternal rewards.

The following is the article e-mailed from Gary Hooser:

On The Separation Of Church And State

It’s hard to see anything good in what happened on July 6 in Hawaii when Governor Lingle chose injustice over equality by killing HB444, the civil unions bill.

But perhaps something good can be extracted from the day this Governor chose to avoid her responsibility as a leader and to hide behind the skirts of political rhetoric and obfuscation. We might look back and someday see July 6, 2010 as the day people in Hawaii realized how important it is to take back control of their government. We might see July 6 as the day this Republican Governor reminded the people of Hawaii that they need to become more engaged as citizens and to demand accountability of their elected leaders.

July 6 perhaps will mark a critical turning point towards a better future in which we can truly reap the benefits and enjoy the freedoms that our democratic institutions and processes promise.

This will happen only if people show up at the table, and take ownership and responsibility for THEIR government.

That is a big IF. Elections are not simply a choice between Democrats and Republicans, but rather a choice between people, values and vision.

Governor Lingle’s veto on July 6 was a huge step backwards. The people of Hawaii watched as the Governor blatantly disregarded the promises contained in both the Federal and State constitutions. She was aided and abetted in this assault on civil rights by a Lieutenant Governor who has made no secret of his missionary zeal of “saving Hawaii for Jesus” – driven by his version of the bible and his version of God’s word. I also pray to God, but the God I pray to puts love and justice ahead of righteousness and damnation. I believe that faith is an essential component in one’s life, but I also believe in the importance of preserving the separation between Church and state. A Lieutenant Governor, or a Governor who does not understand this fundamental principle is a danger to us all.

We stand now at a cross-roads and the choices are clear.

On election day, September 18 and then again on November 2, the people of Hawaii will choose which path they wish to travel down and which future they want to see for their children and grandchildren.

In the end, the kind of future our children can look forward to will be determined by who shows up and the choices made in the privacy of the voting booth.

The people of Hawaii can choose a future where equality, justice and our constitution are protected and honored, or they can choose to support a system driven by a theocratic dogma that ignores the very foundations of our democracy.

I am hopeful that the wake-up call sent out on July 6 does indeed galvanize the good people of our state. I am hopeful that Hawaii residents will become more fully engaged in a new and sustained spirit of civic responsibility. I urge them to drive, walk or ride the bus to the polls, taking a friend or neighbor with them, and cast their vote for leaders who have the courage and integrity to make decisions that help usher in a future in which everyone in Hawaii enjoys equal rights and protections.

Perhaps then we might be able to raise three, not two, cheers for democracy in Hawaii.

By Gary Hooser, former State Senator and Candidate for Lieutenant Governor
More information is available at http://www.garyhooser.com

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  1. Inthemiddle says:

    It’s a complex thing Mr. Hooser is attempting to do on this issue. It’s like threading a needle, or re-keying a lock, if you will.

    It’s not entirely a given that Hooser will be able to attract all of the HB444 vote in the Primary while also appealing to the sensibilities of the masses on moral and civil issues for the General Election. Hooser things he can do it. Personally, I think he’s just playing with fire.

    We shall see.

  2. Excellent read, I must say. You’ve researched the topic very well :)

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