Critical Decision Time for Kauai and Hawaii

admin | October 6th, 2010 - 9:38 am

It is extremely critical that those who are registered to vote get out and vote for David R. Hamman for State Senate District 7 Kauai-Ni ihau and Duke Aiona for Governor.

Don’t be deceived! Small businesses in Hawaii produce over 99% of the income.

Government does not produce income.

Government consumes income generated by small business.

Excessive taxes and fees kill small businesses and eliminate private sector  jobs, government jobs, and union jobs.

Federal funding and loans are not a solution !

They create more debt that requires more taxes and fees.

My opponent has already made it clear that he is interested in creating more taxes and increasing debt which will kill more small businesses and eliminate more jobs including private, government, and union jobs.

Wake up before it is too late!

Vote David R. Hamman for state senate.

In the same way,  Abercrombie’s claim to fame is a connection to federal funding. He claims that he is going to keep everything running the same as it is without reducing non-essential government spending. In additon to that boast, he touts his access to increased government funding to stimulate the economy of Hawaii. Obviously these claims are ludicrous as there is no “real” money to be had. This state is in serious deficit shortfall crisis and this country is financially bankrupt. Any potential federal funds that Abercrombie claims he could obtain would be at a major cost of increased long t erm debt and inflationary devaluation of the dollar to the tax payers. Any sensible person knows that you cannot continue to borrow and incur debt without making a profit necessary to pay off your encumberances. This is simply a big government  “ponzi” scheme that makes Bernie Madoff look like a flea encircling a huge pile of elephant manure.

Hawaii needs to come to its senses and vote for someone who has a sound fiscal thinking process and is committed to living within its means. There is only one candidate of that mindset – Duke Aiona.

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