I think it is high time that we “own up” to the fact that the present centralized Department of Education system in Hawaii is a major failure. It is time for us to recognize that the amount of money spent averaged out per student educated is almost equal to that of well known successful private schools such as the like of Punahou. Yet the results we our receiving versus the dollars spent are some of the lowest in the nation, rendering the Hawaii centralized school system a major failure / a disaster.

Bureaucratic rules and regulations being dictated from a centralized governing department in Honolulu do not make good business sense. A centralized system does not encourage, enhance, or foster a sensitive local accountability to individual school districts or environments. It does not allow those who are closest in contact, and who have the greatest responsibility and risk at stake – the parents and teachers to make the choices most relevant to their children.

Why is the state attempting to “muscle” out parents and teachers? There is something eerily strange about why the state would want to restrict the parents and teachers from making the choices best for their children. The state’s huge ineffectively managed budget has become a massive “black hole” for misused tax dollars. The money and resources allotted are not being effectively used for educating our children to the best degree possible.

The present centralized DOE is excessively top heavy, unaccountable for the enormous amount of resources it spends. Especially during this time of serious economic crisis it should be obvious that this unaccountable “monster” needs to be trimmed. We have just been intensely impacted by the disgusting self interest of this “monster” that chose to hurt the most vulnerable of our education system – the teachers and the children. Unaccountable DOE heads along with self serving union bosses chose not to make necessary cuts amongst vast multimillion dollar portions of the budget where there is obvious waste and “gravy” money for them and their cronies, but to furlough our teachers who make up a slight fraction of the DOE budget. With a locally run school system, not dictated by a centralized system, this would not have happened.

Here are some questions to ponder:

Are you willing to accept the poor results and performance record rendered by the direction of the centralized DOE and the entire burden it has put upon our community? Do you want your children and the children of Hawaii to continue to fail? Do you want your children and the children of Hawaii to continue to be sucked into the crystal meth epidemic? Or do you want our children to succeed by having local parent teacher organizations who care about the best interests of our children to decide the future of our children?

It is time to vote for legislation that de-centralizes the Hawaii State DOE. It is time to support locally run school systems that allow those who have the best interests of the children at stake to make the choices that encourage our children to be productive and succeed.