Recognition of the Injustice of the Overthrow of the Hawaiian Monarchy

I believe that it is important to recognize what appears to have clearly been the unjust overthrow of the Hawaiian Monarchy of Queen Lili uokalani on January 17, 1893 through the direction of United States Government minister John L. Stevens in corraboration with and under the influence of self serving businessmen particularly engaged in the sugar industry.

Hawaiian Community

I believe that we need to encourage the enhancement of the Hawaiian community through the healthy infrastructure of  sound leadership and a constuctive community participation in the best interests of the Hawaiian community as a whole.

We need to encourage the advancement of the Hawaiian community through improved focus upon academic excellence and achievement amongst Hawaiian young people, the development of sound leadership within the community including successful respected business men and women including professions such as doctors, lawyers, engineers,etc. that can provide dignity a wise counsel.

It is possible to achieve these goals of a strong healthy thriving Hawaiian community by utilizing every possible resource and provision available to the Hawaiian community and by encouraging a productive mindset that views the development of  a well balanced, knowledgeable, prosperous community as a priority over other distractions.

No community will ever be able to successfully provide for and protect its members without having the fabric of sound leadership, a prosperous economy, and a healthy supportive social network.

Akaka Bill

The Akaka Bill puts decent hardworking Hawaiian individuals and their families in jeopardy and at risk by placing them in the middle of  power struggles between  individuals and factions who appear to be motivated by self serving interests in an attempt to battle for control of  ruling rights.

It does not provide clearly defined jurisdictional boundaries, and it does not provide for or establish a thorough legal ground work upon which average Hawaiians could confidently know that they would be guaranteed to recieve fair and equitable treatment.

I could not and would not support the current Akaka Bill as it does not support the best interests of the Hawaiian people as a whole.